See W. F. Blanchard

and Vanburen co jackson township
Milton Highschool Grads

Adams, Irma
Bell, Eva
Blanchard, William
Blanchard, Rae
Cecil, Henry
Craven, Letha
Criel, Minnie
Davis, Lola
Gaston, Ella
Hale, Chloe
Holland, George
Price, Edna
Quirk, Minnie
Stein, John
Stone, Nellie

Atkins, Sylvia
Boag, Russell
Cooley, Mary
Drake, Nora
Erhardt, Carl
Hale, Edith
Hayes, Kate
Jolley, J. R.
Murray, Florence
Parks, Ethel
Sherwood, Maude
Sherwood, Sylvia
Stephenson, Bee


Archer, Irvan
Baggott, Norris
Bickel, Frank
Campbell, Marguerite
Casady, Harold
Conner, Naomi
Deal, Virginia
Epperly, Ray
Faucett, Leland
Godwon, Geneva
Harbin, Marie
Hartman, Madeline
Laubscher, Aner
Myers, Mildred
Phillips, Woodrow
Roberts, Marion
Sherwood, Gerald
Stookesberry, Ormal
Strait, William C.
Wilson, Edith
Wilson, LaVerne
Wilson, Carl

More info from cemetaries.

From: Steven Baird  
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 14:31:22 -0600
Greetings - 
It would appear Warren Sherwood is buried in Sunnyside Cemetery on the south 
side of Milton, IA: 
Sharing the same gravestone: 
SHERWOOD, Warren D. (28 Nov 1888 - 28 Oct 1972) 
SHERWOOD, Ruth R. (1 July 1890 - 28 Nov 1970) - Maiden name Cooley 
Uncle Warren and Aunt Ruth most definately
There are several Blanchard burials across multiple cemeteries; however, 
I've only found one W.F. Blanchard. The gravestone appears in Egypt 
Cemetery, which sits on a hilly pasture a few miles NE of Milton, IA. The 
gravestone contains multiple names (on varying sides): 
BLANCHARD [west face], Clarissa (died 2 July 1872 age 37y 5m 1dy) - Wife of 
W.F. Blanchard - Maiden name Hale 
BLANCHARD [north face], Ida Belle (died 8 Oct 1864 age 2y 5m) - Daughter of 
W.F. and C. Blanchard 
BLANCHARD [north face], C.A. (died 7 July 1872 age 11dy) - Daughter of W.F. 
and C. Blanchard 
BLANCHARD [north face], Effie R. (died 9 June 1876 age 11y 22dy) - Daughter 
of W.F. and C. Blanchard 
BLANCHARD [south face], W.F. (1 May 1835 - 11 Dec 1916) 
Maybe my greatgrandfather, not my grandfather
I never cease to be amazed at the history one can presumably deduce from 
gravestones - not to mention the harshness of life. One would suspect 
Clarissa died due to complications from childbirth - and that the child 
(C.A.) died as well. Unreal. 
There are numerous other Blanchard family members very near the above 
gravestone. Most seem related to an Asa Blanchard (perhaps a brother of 
I hope this info helps your research. 
Kind regards, 
Steven Baird 

Iowa gravestones list mentions Blanchards I noticed there was an Adda M. which is my mother's name, B. 1882, D. 1917. Perhaps she was an aunt or some other relative that my mom was named after. It is a very unual name. William (class of 1907) was probably born around 1889 and is most likely my grandfather. It's not unreasonable to think Adda M was my mom's aunt.

There are Blanchards in both Egypt and Sunnyside cemeteries that may be part of the family.

I notice on this page there is mention of a Blanchard in connection to a Rinaberger. Another cousin of my mom's was Phillip Rinaberger who died somewhere around 1984. He was close in age to my mom who was born in 1914. Perhaps a somewhat younger. He was from Iowa somewhere.

Here's a connection to Milton, IA with the Rinaberger name And one more

Howell family

Sometime around the turn of the 20th century my maternal great grandmother remarried. Her first husband's name was Sherwood. She had at least two children, my grandmother, Maud Sherwood and a brother, Warren. She then married a man by the name of Howell. She may have had two female children named Ruth and Luzon. It is also possible that these children were fathered by Howell and a different woman. I can't tell that yet but I do know they were a family of 6 at one point in time. Ruth and Luzon were younger than my grandmother. So far this is about all I have on this part of the family.