page 2 Wedded Fifty Years 

James Lynch, the man who has lived to ce1ebrate his fiftieth wedding
anniversary was born in County Antrim, Ire1and, in 1819 and September_9, 
1850 was married to Miss Sarah Strain of Cross Lanarkshire, Scotland, in
1856 sailed for America and settled in Pennsylvania.- In 1869 Mr. and Mrs.
Lynch came to Iowa and homesteaded, and up to twelve years ago. when they
moved to this city, lived on the old homestead. Ten children were born to 
the union, and among the children present were: Patrick of this city,
James of Des Moines, Barney of Pittsburg, John of Billings, Montana,.Willian
of Deloit, Thomas of Sioux Falls, Ellen, now Mrs. P. H. Shurlock of Emmetts-
burg, Mary, now Mrs. M. Keefe or this city and Mrs. William Carpenter, nee
Miss Esther Lynch. 

One happy incident of the celebration was the presence James Salisbury
who had been a guest at the wedding in Scotland, and he is the only one in
this country who saw the young couple married in the little Catholic chapel 
fifty years ago.

Among those from out of town present were: 
Mr. and Mrs. James Lynch and: children, Des Moines: Barney Lynch, Pittsburg,
Pa; John Lynch, Billings, Montana: Mr. and Mrs.William Lynch, Deloit Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Lynch and children, Sioux Falls: Mr. and Mrs. p. H. Shurlock
and children, Emmettsburg; Mrs. and Mr. Pat McHaney, Ruthven: Mike Fleming, 
Ruthven, Mrs. John Whalen,Emmettsburg: Mr. and Mrs. Fel1ix Higgins, Ayershire
Mr. and Mrs. John Brennan, Ruthven; Mr. & Mrs. John Keefe, Sioux City: 
John F.Dalton, Manson; Mr. and Mrs. Barby Foley, Ruthven, Miss Maggie Nichol-
Sen, Sioux City: Patrick F1eming,Manson; County Attorney, Samuel O'Hara,
Denison; Mrs. and Mr. Daniel Shurlock, Emmettsburg; James Salisbury, Forest-
bury, S.D. and Mrs. Carpenter of Lincoln, Neb. 

Other than the out of town guests, there were many of the near neighbors and  
life-long friends present to assist in making the day of good cheer to the
declining couple in years, but not in appearances. The celebration will ยท  
close tonight with a dance and after two days of sport the couple will settle
down to the well-formed grooves of life and will spend many hours in the
easy chairs presented to them, and they will be treasured heirlooms of the 
Lynch family. 

Many notes in script at the end.  
Grama Keife sid from Cork and Tipperary then to Ontario, Canaa then homesteaded in 
Souix ???? lived around Ft. Dodge then Des Moines.

Relatives on her side 
Tierncys ?? O'Boyle 
Lanpkere Keefe was O'Keefe in Ireland
unintelligible couple of lines.